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Feb 26, 2019

10 Best Healthcare Podcasts You Should Know

Keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry is a never-ending battle—especially when it comes to technology and innovation. There’s always a new tool or trend to learn about and with a limited amount of free time during the workday, it’s hard to dedicate time to education. That's where podcasts come in.

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Marie's Story: The Life Changing Effect of a Personalized Member Engagement Program

The American Cancer Society reports there were an estimated 316,120 new female breast cancer cases reported in the United States in 2017. In the same year, over 40,000 women died as a result of their breast cancer diagnosis. Although breast cancer is often extremely treatable when discovered in its early stages, it can be fatal when found at an advanced stage.

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CMS News Alert: Key CMS Draft Advance Notice and Call Letter Proposals

It is that time of year when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) publishes the Advanced Notice and draft Call Letter. On January 30, 2019 CMS released the guidance for the 2020 plan year.

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Top 3 Personalization Plays for the Big Game of Health Engagement

With the Big Game just around the corner, we couldn’t help but think about an even bigger game that’s always at play in healthcare: driving health engagement. To help get you closer to a big win, we put together our top 3 plays that drive personalization in healthcare and will move more of your members to better health.

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5 Ways Healthcare Tech Enables Personalization in Member Engagement

Everyone is unique. From the way someone takes their coffee to where they read their news—we all have personal preferences that make up who we are. What's wild is that most consumer technologies out there already know what we wantsometimes even before we do! If you've ever been served an ad on Amazon or have been recommended a show on Netflix, you've experience this firsthand. While it's less common in healthcare member engagement, it's certainly not a pipe dreamand should be on your radar for 2019. Healthcare, let's get personal(ized). 

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6 Takeaways From Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights Forum

Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights Forum took place December 4th and 5th in Orlando, FL. The maiden voyage of this event was jam-packed with incredible speakers, interesting sessions, and most of all—important ‘aha moments’. Leaving the event I put together a list of key takeaways that will have the most impact in data science in the coming year.

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Revel Gives Back to Help Communities in the Twin Cities

This holiday season in appreciation of our clients, partners, and friends, Revel donated our time, talents, and treasures to various organizations across the Twin Cities. We were fortunate enough to work with some incredible groups this year including Sharing & Caring Hands, Good in the Hood, and Love Your Melon to brighten the lives of those in need in our local community.

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