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Oct 16, 2018

Faces of Revel: Meet Laukii Cheng

Laukii Cheng is a Software Engineer at Revel that packs a serious punch—literally—she just started learning Jiu-Jitsu and is training for a competition later this month. We sat down with Laukii to talk tech, what she loves about Revel, and her advice for someone new coming aboard.

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The Healthcare Leader’s Guide to Health Engagement Across Generations

In today’s healthcare landscape, personalized communication has become essential. Healthcare consumers demand an Amazon-like experience where they receive unique messages through the right channel, at the right time. This shift requires health plans and providers to step up, adapt, and start understanding communication trends and embrace new technologies to make it happen.

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4 Reasons Dynamic Targeting is the Future of Health Action

Hearing there is a website that evaluates the chances of losing your job to a robot could be worrisome. What most people miss, however, is that artificial intelligence (AI) isn't a threat—it's designed to increase our productivity.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Health Engagement & Beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare means robotic surgeries, replacing doctors with machines, and digital pathology and diagnosis—right? While there’s a lot of excitement about the role that AI will play in the healthcare space, how it will actually show up is yet to be determined.

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3 Powerful Ways ACO Data Boosts Health Outcomes

This year's ACO & Payer Leadership Summit kicks off this week in Irving, Texas— and it's packed with discussions addressing the most critical issues in the healthcare industry today. The Revel team joins healthcare leaders and change makers for sessions and keynotes focused on digital transformation and consumer driven innovation. 

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Revel Drives Bold Health Action Solutions for Leading Healthcare Organizations

Enough. The way healthcare communicates with people is broken. So we’re fixing it. We’re putting data to work for healthcare like every other industry on the planet. Because we can do better. Join us.

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Faces of Revel: Meet Jordy Stradtman

Jordy Stradtman is a Software Engineer at Revel with a passion for BBQ, reading, and continuous learning. We sat down with Jordy to talk about his incredible career in the technology field, his past work with dolphins, and what he finds most rewarding about working in healthcare technology.

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