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May 23, 2018

The Importance of Mental Health Programs in Driving Behavioral Health Engagement

In the latest installment of Conversations with Revel's CEO, Jeff Fritz talks with Vicky Couillard, Executive Director of Vail Place, a Minnesota organization that provides community-based mental health programs. Couillard has worked for Vail Place for over 25 years, giving her a unique perspective into the importance of community mental health programs. 

Jeff sat down recently to talk with Couillard about behavioral health engagement, mental health stigma, and the role that ACOs, plans, providers, and individuals can play in helping people with mental illness.  

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Curing Mental Health Stigma with Stronger Health Engagement

According to a recent survey by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 89% of the American population feel that mental health and physical health are equally important. When so many people recognize the importance of mental health, it's surprising that there is still so much mental health stigma. That bias is a major factor contributing to low health engagement rates where mental health screening is concerned, particularly for men and poorer populations.

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The New World of Health Engagement for Pharma

Innovators within the pharma industry are beginning to recognize the huge role that pharma could and should play in the health engagement space. They're setting goals that don't just sell more drugs, but instead contribute to a shift toward maintaining wellness rather than just treating illness.

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4 Leading Edge Healthcare Organizations Giving Back

As more and more data points to the significance of social determinants on both population and individual health, the power of community is coming to the forefront as fuel for stronger health plan member engagement. Increasing healthcare engagement leads not only to better health outcomes, but in the long run it can positively impact Medicare Star Ratings.

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13 Young Healthcare Technology Leaders Making a Big Difference

Did you know that at age 30, Canva CEO Melanie Perkins is the youngest person ever to lead a $1 billion startup? Young people have always had a history of making a big impact and those in the healthcare space are no exception. We've identified 13 emerging leaders in health IT that are doing some seriously impressive and impactful work. 

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3 Reasons Healthcare Engagement Rock Stars Are Embracing Test & Learn

This month we're discussing leadership in healthcare, from the motivating women we’ve recognized as driving forces in the industry to the up-and-coming generation taking the helm of the hottest healthcare IT initiatives. These groups of professionals fall into our rock star category and are taking health engagement by storm.

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How ACOs Can Drive Better Outcomes with Communication Technology

In this Q&A, Revel CEO Jeff Fritz provides a preview of the session to come by discussing ways that improving patient engagement and personalizing communication can help accountable care organizations  (ACOs) enhance outcomes. 

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