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Apr 17, 2018

3 Reasons Healthcare Engagement Rock Stars Are Embracing Test & Learn

This month we're discussing leadership in healthcare, from the motivating women we’ve recognized as driving forces in the industry to the up-and-coming generation taking the helm of the hottest healthcare IT initiatives. These groups of professionals fall into our rock star category and are taking health engagement by storm.

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How ACOs Can Drive Better Outcomes with Communication Technology

In this Q&A, Revel CEO Jeff Fritz provides a preview of the session to come by discussing ways that improving patient engagement and personalizing communication can help accountable care organizations  (ACOs) enhance outcomes. 

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10 Women to Watch in Health IT

Women have always played a major role in healthcare, whether they're working on the front lines in a major hospital, or fulfilling a leadership role at a major plan. On the other hand, the IT industry has not had as much benefit from gender diversity although STEM programs are helping to change that statistic. At Revel, we're excited to see the impacts of the merger of healthcare and technology, including the growing role of women in healthcare IT. 

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 AI in Healthcare - 4 Trends to Watch

The subject of AI in healthcare covers a lot of ground. It can be hard to stay on top of all the latest advances in this evolutionary, if not revolutionary, technology space. Last week we examined some of the ways that technology tools are changing the game for health engagement. This week, we'll look at how artificial intelligence in healthcare may affect our future as individuals and as part of a specific health population. 

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5 Emerging Technologies in Healthcare that will Impact Engagement

IoT, NLP, AR, machine learning, gamification - these are just a few of the emerging technologies that health plans and providers can harness to enhance member and patient engagement. In the near future, campaigns using these new tools and techniques could be crucial for healthcare organizations who want to stay ahead of the pack, rather than fall behind.
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Revel Highlights AI in Healthcare at RISE Nashville Summit 2018

AI in healthcare will be the main topic as Revel President/CEO Jeff Fritz and Peter Eliason, Director of Analytics & Data Science, lead a roundtable discussion entitled Artificial Intelligence (AI) & the Future of Health Engagement - Using Advanced Technology to Drive Higher ROI at 4:10pm today as part of RISE Nashville Summit 2018. 

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Revel Spearheads Discussion on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare at 12th Annual RISE Nashville Summit

March 8, 2018 - Minneapolis, Minn. – Representatives from Revel, a leading health engagement company, will lead a new Roundtable entitled Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Health Engagement, Using Advanced Technology to Drive Higher ROI at the RISE Nashville Summit on Monday, March 12 at 4:10pm. 

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