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Aug 14, 2018

Move Over Health Engagement, Here Comes Health Action

The way healthcare communicates with people is broken—we’ve all seen it. The days of filling out a 7-page health assessment for each family member and mailing it back are over. In the trash.

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Top 5 Health Apps Disrupting Healthcare Engagement

The mobile health industry has been heating up for years with no signs of slowing down. With over 165,000 health and wellness-related apps available, it’s hard to separate what’s trendy and well designed from the change-making real deal .

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5 Smart Member Engagement Strategies to Boost Medicare Star Ratings [Updated]

Healthcare quality matters. More to the point, CMS Star Ratings matter. Medicare uses this system to rate the overall performance of Medicare Advantage (MA) and prescription drug (Part D) plans. Ratings emphasize patient care and satisfaction, health outcomes, and patient or member feedback. The results are published for customers to compare and select plans.

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HITRUST Renews Revel Certification

Data security and privacy have both been a hot topic this year, especially within healthcare. 2018 has been a banner year for the discussion of data security across industries, most notably as a result of Facebook’s very public mishandling of the data of 87 million users.

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Redefining Engagement in the Age of Healthcare Consumerism [Revel Intro]

When we think of traditional health engagement what comes to mind is the process of reaching members and patients, not engaging people on an individual level. This mindset is at odds with how we are trying to engage. As an industry healthcare is moving in a direction that’s about humanizing engagement, personalizing outreach methods, and creating unique communication plans based on individual preferences.

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The 3 Best TED Talks on the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. Every day new solutions are entering and revolutionizing the healthcare space. From innovative new treatment options to groundbreaking technological developments, the future of medicine is being determined by those that are willing to think differently, embrace new ideas, and push past tradition.

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7 Brilliant Ways to Personalize Engagement and Improve Population Health

Personalized health engagement aligns with the unique preferences and characteristics of the individual we're trying to reach. Population health focuses on a broader goal of improving community health outcomes. Although personalized health engagement and population health may seem to have different objectives, the two are actually deeply intertwined.

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