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Sep 18, 2018

3 Powerful Ways ACO Data Boosts Health Outcomes

This year's ACO & Payer Leadership Summit kicks off this week in Irving, Texas— and it's packed with discussions addressing the most critical issues in the healthcare industry today. The Revel team joins healthcare leaders and change makers for sessions and keynotes focused on digital transformation and consumer driven innovation. 

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Revel Drives Bold Health Action Solutions for Leading Healthcare Organizations

Enough. The way healthcare communicates with people is broken. So we’re fixing it. We’re putting data to work for healthcare like every other industry on the planet. Because we can do better. Join us.

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Faces of Revel: Meet Jordy Stradtman

Jordy Stradtman is a Software Engineer at Revel with a passion for BBQ, reading, and continuous learning. We sat down with Jordy to talk about his incredible career in the technology field, his past work with dolphins, and what he finds most rewarding about working in healthcare technology.

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5 Must-Have Elements of a Strong Health Action Platform

Moving people to take action is one of the biggest challenges facing health plans and providers today. Engaging people is one thing, but getting people to take action is another entirely. Although it’s challenging to create a compelling member and patient experience, it’s absolutely essential. This is where a strong health action platform comes in.

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Move Over Health Engagement, Here Comes Health Action

The way healthcare communicates with people is broken—we’ve all seen it. The days of filling out a 7-page health assessment for each family member and mailing it back are over. In the trash.

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Top 5 Health Apps Disrupting Healthcare Engagement

The mobile health industry has been heating up for years with no signs of slowing down. With over 165,000 health and wellness-related apps available, it’s hard to separate what’s trendy and well designed from the change-making real deal .

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5 Smart Member Engagement Strategies to Boost Medicare Star Ratings [Updated]

Healthcare quality matters. More to the point, CMS Star Ratings matter. Medicare uses this system to rate the overall performance of Medicare Advantage (MA) and prescription drug (Part D) plans. Ratings emphasize patient care and satisfaction, health outcomes, and patient or member feedback. The results are published for customers to compare and select plans.

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